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TheraPsych provides two essential services to the communities we serve. Safety is our utmost concern. Psychedelics can be healing in a way that can be life-changing. Additionally, this type of therapeutic intervention comes with a necessity for enhanced safety protocols and can require a therapist or guide for upwards of five hours. On some occasions, more than one therapist or guide may be appropriate. The cost of this type of therapeutic intervention is cost-prohibitive for many people. As such, TheraPsych offers both harm reduction and access to psychedelic-assisted therapy and guidance.


Harm reduction is a term that is thrown around a lot when discussing psychedelics. It is important to enumerate what TheraPsych does to promote harm reduction. We will match potential clients with a trained and/or experienced provider who offers prep and integration sessions in addition to dosing sessions. TheraPsych can also provide information on safety protocols. While the individual therapist or guide assumes responsibility for their client, TheraPsych can help minimize risk for both the client and therapist/guide.


TheraPsych was initially created on the premise that psychedelic-assisted therapy is expensive and cost-prohibitive for many people. Furthermore, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is most often not covered by insurance. This led us to the obvious conclusion that these life-changing interventions were only for those who could afford them. In our eyes, and in many of our colleagues, this was entirely unacceptable. There may come a day when this will not be the case, and TheraPsych will no longer have viability. We hope that day comes sooner than later, but based on industry trends, that day is likely several years off, if ever.

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